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One of the many benefits of a smaller-sized school is that all the students have a wide variety of mixed social groups, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Buddy groups and mixed grade activities are part of a regular weekly program, and all students are expected to look after and care for each other. 


Our Classes

Junior Class


Our Junior Class is always a hive of activity. There is an emphasis on learning how to read, as well as coordinating fine motor skills to form letters and words. Students also begin learning the routines, structures and social interactions that are part of school.

Middle Years Class


Our Middle years class begin to consolidate their learning in all areas of the curriculum. 

Students are allocated their own laptops from years 2/3, and year 3 students upwards all head off to camp each year.

Senior Class


The focus in the Senior class is on Leadership and Responsibility. All Year 6 students apply for leadership roles across the school. Year 6 students are also able to wear a special polo shirt and rugby top. A lot of work is done in class to prepare students for their transition into secondary school.

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