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Our School

Creswick North Primary School is situated in northern Creswick. The school grounds and surrounds provide students with a rich environment for learning and playing. The local community values the attributes of a small country school and the strong relationships that the children develop between themselves and staff. Parental participation in school activities and programs is encouraged and highly valued. The school also aims to promote acceptance of responsibility and positive attitudes towards themselves, others, their learning, the school and the local community.


Principal’s Welcome

For me, the joy of coming here was about stepping into a family of students, teachers and our surrounding community. As Principal, it has been my honour to support and nurture this thriving community.


One of our values here at the school is Respect. Our students learn this by helping each other and caring for the school garden (insert other things here).


We incorporate many extra-curricular activities and programs that help them develop the skills they need to become independent, creative thinkers and resilient people.


It has been my work to ensure that they have the support necessary to find their unique passions and skills that help each student become successful.


As Principal, I am dedicated to this community, and I will be dedicated to your children as members of our school.


Not only can we deliver an engaging curriculum, but it is also my vision to deliver an education that fosters leadership, success and sense of belonging to a community.


We invite you and your children to be part of creating their future here at Creswick North Primary School.


Our Mission

Creswick North Primary is committed to offering opportunities for our learners to experience success in a variety of ways.


We will to this by providing a broad and challenging curriculum. Creswick North Primary will develop an ethos of inquiry, persistence and a strong work ethic. We will provide opportunities for students to develop a sense of responsibility and independence. We will also provide a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment where learners enjoy learning and have empathy for others. We will utilise a rich, varied and up to date range of learning resources. And we will foster learning partnerships between the school, home and community.

We aim to create a friendly, comfortable environment where learning and teaching meet all children’s educational, social and physical needs and is valued and celebrated by all within the community. We are a place where students, staff and community members want to be. We are a place with strong relationships and interaction between school and the wider community.

School Values

  • Persistence

  • Respect

  • Initiative

  • Determination

  • Excellence



Meet our teachers and support staff

Reyntjes, Matthew.jpg

Matthew Reyntjes


Jessup, Meg.jpg

Meg Jessup

Middle Grades Teacher

McLennan, Virginia.jpg

Virginia McLennan

Junior Grades Teacher

Art Teacher

Baulch, Katrina.jpg

Katrina Baulch

Junior Grades Teacher

Brugger, Zelma.jpg

Zelma Brugger

Business Manager

Mooney, Darren.jpg

Darren Mooney

Senior Grades Teacher

Hurdsfield Catherine.jpg

Catherine Hurdsfield

Education Support

Lakey, Jess.jpg

Jess Lakey

Education Support

Judy Rae

Education Support

Rogers, Adrian.jpg

Adrian Rogers

I.T. Support

Kim W.png

Kim Willowhite


Kira Fitzsimons

Education Support

Zach Riordan

Education Support

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