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Welcome to the Creswick North Community. Our small school is much like a family. Our students know each other well, look after each other and support each other in the classroom and on the playground. The community supports each other's emotional and social development and an invaluable sense of belonging.

Our teachers are experienced and committed to supporting each student to find their unique strength in learning. We offer unique extra curriculars and programs that support students in learning from curiosity and innate abilities while understanding the values of determination and persistence.


How to Apply

Enrolments are open year round. You can also book in a school tour anytime by contacting the school.


Here are the 2023 term dates: 

Term 1 - Monday 30 January - Thursday 6 April 

Term 2 - Monday 24 April - Friday 23 June 

Term 3 - Monday 10 July - Friday 15 September 

Term 4 - Monday 2 October - Wednesday 20 December 

Please fill out the form below to enrol. 

It can be dropped in to the office at school, or emailed to 


In 2023 we have started transitioning into our new uniform. 

The new uniform has a refreshing, updated and modern look with many new items such as puffer jackets and beanies.

Our uniform is sold at Beleza in Ballarat, just across the road from Target.


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